My name is Ali Noorani. I am a designer with five years of multidisciplinary experience in the Fintech, cashless payment, and personal banking industries among others. I have worked on high-traffic mobile and web applications with hands-on experience in B2B and B2C settings.

My professional background spans various disciplines, from graphic design and video editing to digital media and journalism. This multidisciplinary foundation provides me with a unique perspective that shapes my approach to UX/UI design.

I love children and upon graduating, I volunteered as a primary school teacher in a remote village for a year. There, I saw how children learn everything better with stories.

Later, as a journalist at a world-class news agency, I practiced storytelling for adults. Through listening to people’s pains and joys and telling their stories for many years I found a deep sense of empathy with humans.

My journey in the design world has been marked by a fervent passion for crafting exceptional user experiences and initiating positive impacts.

In my free time, I create content on social media, doing what I love; telling stories.

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